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House in Eisenberg, Germany

We live in a semi-detached house with garden and sauna in a quiet area within 5 minutes walk to the centre of Eisenberg. Eisenberg is situated in the heart of Palatinate. There you can buy everything you need for the daily life. Within 1,5 km you find a wonderful openair pool. It´s surrounded by the beautiful forest, that is well knon in Palatinate. The pool itself offers various attractions for all the family. Childrens´eys widen when they see the large slide which dips into the childrens´ pool. To add to the fun there is a minigolf course very near the pool.
You can also experience the countryside of Erdekaut with its small mining museum, the largest play ground in the Palatinate, a slide and a mud patch for the children to run wild in. For grown-ups it is a beautiful area for recreation und relaxing.
A very popular place to relax is Eiswoog, near Ramsen, in the biosphere reservation forest in Palatinate. The "Stumpfwaldbahn", a small narrow-gauge railway which runs through the forest from Ramsen to Lake Eiswoog, is a favourite for young and old. All you need to do, is to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. On the lake itself ou can go for a swim or enjoy a trip on a rowing boat. If the fresh air makes you feel hungry, the restaurant Seehaus Forelle (Lake House Trout), with its wonderful view overlooking the lake or the other restaurants in Ramsen, all share an excellent reputation for therir food and hospitality.
A lot of sight have witnessed the exceptional history of Eisenberg, dating back dacades. The most important historical places can be visited either with an expert guide or one can explore them alone. In roman times, Eisenberg was the enctre of the iron-mining industry. In the Roman Park Vicus Eisenberg there are still archaeological excavations taking place.
In the old part of Eisenberg you an see the "Zehnthaus", the oldest building in the town, dating back to the Middle Ages. On the peak of the hill in Stauf - just ouside Eisenberg -, there is an old castle ruin, a Salian Castle. The view from the castle is breathtaking.
The convent n Rosenthal, where Cistercian nuns lived until the 18th century, is really worth visiting. If you are lucky, you might be ablte to get tickets for a concert held during the summer months. The atmosphere is electric between the old ruined walls.
Though Eisenberg is a town of only 9.000 inhabitants, it has its own theatre with over 400 seats. Concerts, operas, operettas and comedies are continually being performed there.
The roman museum shows different exhibits which reveal the history of Eisenberg.
Our well stocked library offers a variety of media and over a hundred clubs organize numerous events throughout the year. For example: Lake Eiswoog in flames, Goodbye Winter, Sunday shopping, May celebration, Musical summer event in a local castle, Festival in the historical town centre, Festival of conjurers and gourmets, Roman Festival, Sport events, Eisenberger Flight-night, the Fair, Eistal - no cars allowed! A cyclist paradise, Autumn car sale, Santa Calus- and Christman Markets, Weekly market, Show of sculptures in the Eisbach-flood plain.
Conducted tours by trained guides: The adventurous countryside of Erdekaut, Church hopping, Historical walking of the town, Roman Park Vicus Eisenberg, Ramser Yeast dumpling hike, Conent in Rosenthal, Roman Museum, Jacob´s Pilgrim Path, convent route, Nature trail in the Palatinate Forest.

Destinations nearby:
Donnersberg: Celtic Garden, Celtic Village, Ludwig-tower
Winnweiler: Mining adventure, mining museum, Castle ruin Falkenstein
Kirchheimbolanden: St. Paul´s Church, historical city wall
Rockenhausen: Palatinate Church Clock Museum
Göllheim: Vineyard Zellertal
Enkenbach-Alsenborn: K1 rope jungle gym, Mehlinger heath, time signals
Alsenz-Obermoschel: Moschellands-castle, quarrymen-museum
Hettenleidelheim: Local museum, Altleiningen Castle, Neuleiningen Castle

Destinations farther away:
Bad Dürkheim: Spa gardens, saline, gigantic barrel of Dürkheim, German Wine Street
Worms: Worms Cathedral, shipping, Nibelung-museum
Speyer: Speyer Cathedral, Technical Museum, Palatinate Historical Museum
Haßloch: Holiday Park
Kaiserslautern: Horticultural Show, Japanese Garden,Hall of Casimir, shopping
Mainz: Mainz Cathedral, Marc-Chagall-Windows in Stefan´s Church, Historical Town, Gutenberg Museum

For more information: www.eisenberg.de

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