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Living room

Living room



House from the front

House from the front

Open kitchen with door to terrace in front

Open kitchen with door to terrace in front

Living room Kitchen House from the front Open kitchen with door to terrace in front

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2 stored house in PLAISANCE DU TOUCH, France

We're actually looking for an exchange in August, during 2-3 weeks, preferably in Europe.
We live in a confortable house in a village 20 minutes from Toulouse, near a park with a small lake. The region is usually sunny and warm during summer.

We have one terrace on each side of the house, depending on where the sun is.
The three main bedrooms are on the second floor, but we have one guest room that can be used for a fifth person on the ground floor. The house style is a mixture between French and Swedish, as you can see on the pictures.

Toulouse is the 4th biggest city in France, situated in the south-western part of France.
Toulouse is an ancient town, founded 200 by JC (by the Romans that introduced wine cultures). You can visit the historical center, with its museums , churches and "hôtels particuliers" which rich merchants built in the 15th century. If you prefer shopping,Toulouse has an exellent shopping center.
Here is a site giving different propositions for visiting Toulouse: https://www.toulouse-tourisme.com
If you are interested in space, this is a place for you : https://www.cite-espace.com/
Toulouse is an important city for its space and aeronautical industries, here are some aerocraft museums: http://www.musee-aeroscopia.fr/
Last but not least, let's visiting airbus industries in Toulouse: https://www.toulouse-tourisme.com/airbus

In Plaisance you can find a famous Safari zoo, where a part is to be visited by car : http://www.zoo-africansafari.com/ and there is also a golf course with 18 holes ( golf de Téola )

Don't forget tasting the specialities of the region (cassoulet, wine, violet products like candies...), and strolling through the food and flea markets (we usually take our bikes to the one in Tournefeuille on Sundays). Here is Toulouse's website : http://www.toulouse.fr/ for more information.
If you like the montains, the Pyrénées are very beautiful summer as winter. You can easily go hillwalking, canoing or do other activities on a day-trip : http://www.lespyrenees.net/en/
Going to the Mediterranean sea is also possible for a day. The Atlantic sea is a bit further, but can be reached in three hours.

The "canal du midi" is a popular outing to go biking or just walking along : http://www.midicanal.fr/
Other places of interest are the Cathar vestiges, dating from 1000 after JC : http://www.payscathare.org/3-6270-Home.php
This is just an appetizer of all interesting things to do in the region. We just say "à bientôt".

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  • 2 Fullorðnir
  • 2 Börn
  • 12 Fyrri heimilaskipti


  • Retired
  • Nurseryschool teacher

Heimilið okkar

  • Gerð húsnæðis: Einbýlishús
  • Hæðir: 2
  • Staðsetning heimilis: Í úthverfi
  • Svefnherbergi: 4
  • Baðherbergi: 3
  • Fjöldi rúma: 6
  • Stofan: 165 m2
  • Allt heimilið: 600 m2


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  • Gæludýr - Ekki leyft
  • Lítil börn - Leyft

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  • Ókeypis nettenging
  • Miðstöðvarhitun
  • Arinn
  • Þvottavél
  • Uppþvottavél
  • Þurrkari
  • Sjónvarp
  • Píanó


  • Garður
  • Verönd eða svalir
  • Leikvöllur
  • Grill
  • Bílskúr
  • Einkasundlaug
  • Reiðhjól: 4


  • Reykingar bannaðar
  • Afnot/Skipti á bílum
  • Vörslu gæludýra óskað

Óskir okkar um áfangastaði

  • Europe
  • Sweden

Tungumál sem töluð eru

  • Enska
  • Franska
  • Sænska

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Nálægasti flugvöllur: Blagnac, Toulouse - 15 min, 10 km

Plaisance is a nice village, something in between the city and the countryside, with all facilities you need. For example, our nearest bakery is at a five minutes walking distance, so you can get your fresh "croissants" every morning (very important in France !!); the nearest supermarket is at only five minutes by car, or ten by bike. Also, if you want to swim long distances, the nearest outdoor swimming-pool is at 5 minutes walking distance.


  • Retired
  • Nurseryschool teacher


  • Stúlka - Aldur: 29
  • Stúlka - Aldur: 32


  • 2 cats

Kynning á fjölskyldunni

We have two daughters (Fanny and Lisa) who are thirty and twenty seven, no-one staying in Toulouse for the time being.For the summer 2020, it is possible that just the two of us, Michel and Kerstin will be travelling, we don't know yet.
Kerstin is Swedish and Michel French .
We have two cats, rescue cats,who have been living with us for 8 years now.They spend usually the nights outside but you might see them in a  sofa, sleeping, at daytime. We would be happy if you could feed them once a day but if you're going elsewhere we've got nice neighbours who are used to taking care of them.If you have pets we will take care of them with pleasure.